Ossining, NY Permit System

BuyMyPermit.com allows you the convenience of purchasing your Ossining, NY parking permit over a secure web site. Once payments are processed through BuyMyPermit.com, records at the Ossining, NY will be updated accordingly and your parking permit request will be submitted for processing. Please note that a processing fee of 3.5% (minimum $2.00) will be charged for each permit purchased thru BuyMyPermit.com.

In order to offer this service, you must agree to the following user agreement.

If you are purchasing Muni Lot tags online for the first time, please select "Create New Account".

If you are returning to purchase more Muni tags online, please select "Purchase Permit". If you forgot your Account Number, please call us at 914-762-8428 - Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Please note that one vehicle is attached to one muni permit.

Muni Permits are valid until the end of the month. If you want to purchase a permit for the upcoming month, you may begin purchasing them starting on the 25th day of the current month.

Please be advised that, as per section 250-33 "Tag Parking" of the Village of Ossining Code, commercial vehicles are prohibited from applying for Municipal Permits. Commercial vehicles for purposes of this section of the code are defined as follows:

(a)* - A trailer, boat, vessel, boat trailer or motor home, whether or not such vehicle is supported on wheels;

(b)* - Any vehicle which, by reason of the attachment of advertising or commercial messages and/or storage of service equipment or other commercial merchandise or hardware, presents the outward appearance of a vehicle which is utilized primarily in the furtherance of commercial or industrial enterprise; or

(c)* - Any vehicle which is defined or considered a "commercial vehicle" for the purposes of vehicle registration requirements of the State of New York.

Effective May 1, 2022, for any vehicle for which a permit is applied in contrary to the above, and which is later discovered to be commercial under the Village Code Section 250-33, the permit applicant will be notified by the Village Clerk that, effective immediately, the permit will be voided and no refund issued.

Terms and Conditions

BuyMyPermit.com is wholly owned by Parking Ticket Payment, LLC. which is an entity separate from the permit issuing entity. Parking Ticket Payment, LLC. is not affiliated with the permit issuing entity other than to provide the BuyMyPermit.com service as a means to renew parking permits online.

Any technical issues regarding the use of BuyMyPermit.com should be addressed to the webmaster@parkingticketpayment.com. Any permit related questions should be directed to the permit issuing entity.

Parking Ticket Payment, LLC. values the privacy of the BuyMyPermit.com users. BuyMyPermit.com does not store or share any user information with any third parties. The BuyMyPermit.com web site does not use cookies and provides a connection secured with the latest SSL technology to ensure the safety of transactions processed through this site.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you acknowledge that you will be charged a processing fee of 3.5% of your permit cost, with a minimum charge of $2 if you are renewing your railroad parking permit. Any associated processing fee will be included in the amount charged to your credit card. You also acknowledge that Parking Ticket Payment, LLC. is not responsible for any transactions initiated by you, the user, through the BuyMyPermit.com web site.

NOTE: BuyMyPermit.com is unavailable daily between 2 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. EST for routine maintenance.